Below are a list of some of the most commonly asked user questions when going through a program here in the Clever Girl Finance Academy.

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1. I just paid but I don't see the course. All I see is my dashboard.

Once you login, you should be able to see the courses you are enrolled in on your dashboard. If for some reason your dashboard does not load, try logging out and then logging in again after a few minutes.

Also be sure to set the filter on your dashboard page to "ALL".

 Below is an example of what your dashboard should look like (It will show you the courses / sections you are enrolled in):

2. How do I participate in the discussions?

To participate in discussions, you can post your questions, comments and updates in the academy (you will find areas with "discussion" titles in the weekly challenges section) and myself and/or other members will respond. 

If you are in the Facebook group (this is not mandatory but is strongly recommended) - you can also join the various discussions or start new discussions there too. 

3. I no longer have access to the academy or Facebook group

If this has happened, it means your automatic monthly payment could not be processed and attempts to contact you failed. If you'd like to continue in the program you will have to re-register as a new enrollee.


1. When can I expect my first challenge?

Your first week is prep week and this is to help you get familiar with the layout of the academy and get ready for your weekly challenges. 

You can expect your first challenge to arrive a week from the date you signed up and then each week a new challenge will be delivered to your account.

In the meantime, browse through the discussion forums, book club and monthly videos (which you'll find on your dashboard) and complete your CGF Creed and program prep checklist (which you'll find in this section) to prepare for your first challenge.

2. I am not getting my weekly challenges

Challenges are delivered to your academy account so be sure login to the academy each week to get your weekly challenges and also download the applicable worksheet for the week.

By default, the system should send you a weekly reminder to login and catch up but if you are not getting it then this option could be turned off in your account settings. You can turn it back in or set yourself a personal weekly reminder to login to the platform.

3. I have completed all my current challenges but my completion % is still not 100% 

To complete any given week you have to click through all the sections you see by hitting "NEXT" on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

You will then see a status page with check marks each time you hit "NEXT" indicating you have completed the section.

Please note that you are required to visit the other sections available to you so you are aware of everything posted. This would include the book club, the monthly replay section and the other discussion forums.

100% completion is not reached until the entire accountability program is completed. Once you get to the end of the program you will be at 100% complete.

See the images below with the "NEXT" and an example of a sections status page.

4. I haven't been able to keep up, can I pause the weekly challenges?

Unfortunately the weekly challenges cannot be paused as they are delivered to your account based on the date your signed up but you can always catch up. 

There is 6 months of additional time built in to the program which means that after the 6 months are up, you will still have access to the program materials for an additional 6 months so you have plenty of time to catch up if you have fallen behind.